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About Me


Project Consultant
Have experienced Japanese Trading Company, 8yrs, Specially Japanese Government Project (ODA Project) Management in Oceania, Africa, Central Asia, etc.
Made own company, produce and built Women Media (Portal and Fasion Website, E Commerce, Auction Web, Ad Platform etc.
ex CTO of Color Contact Lens / Cosmetics Maker.
Recent, Consulting for Private, Business, Government. (IoE mainly) From May. 2023, TV Writer and Screenwriter also available.

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Love Snake called Python!!

Project Management & Consulting

If you have any problem, you can ask anything!! Let see what happen.

Personal Injury

Private Advising & Consulting

International Business

If you are interesting in Business in Japan. We support, work hard!! Research, Operation, CS, etc.


Internet of Everything, such as E Commerce, Web, Digital Marketing, BlockCain, etc.


Snake called Python, such as Data Science, AI, etc.

Brain Rental

If you have no idea, then? 100% Guarantee, Brain Rental is the Best Choice in the World!!

If you have no idea try Brain Rental.


EC, Digital Marketing, SNS, stc
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Cosmetics Maker
Individual Advice and Brain Rental
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Japanese Talent
Research and Support in Japan
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Trading Company in USA
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